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Transform Phoenix

Phoenix is a Bible desert. Yes, we are home to some of the largest churches in the U.S., but the real story is that about 70 percent of people in Phoenix do not go to church on a weekly basis. Millions of people in our city need God’s Word.

But we have streams of life coursing through our Scripture wasteland! We have a significant network of churches and ministries working together to serve our city. Serving alongside Phoenix’s faith leaders, American Bible Society’s church engagement team is investing resources to promote Bible engagement in Phoenix’s metro area.

Pray for us! Serve with us! Tell us how we can partner with your church, ministry, or movement to increase the number of people in your circles who are experiencing the life-changing message of God’s Word.


28% of people in Phoenix are practicing Christians


30% of people in Phoenix have read the Bible in the past week


There are approximately 1.2 million Catholics in Phoenix


Hispanics or Latinos now represent 59% of the Catholic population in Phoenix


Know your Church. Know your City.

The state of the Bible in Phoenix is different than in any other city. Access our extensive research to learn how people in Phoenix are engaging with Scripture.

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Become an Advocate for the Bible.

Join the mission to revitalize Phoenix by partnering with other local faith leaders. Click below to meet other Phoenix leaders who are on the cutting edge of change.


Engage Scripture with your Church.

Are the people in your church eager to read the Bible? Engage your congregation in Scripture with a compelling Bible experience for today’s readers.

I love this city and what God is doing here in Phoenix! I also love His Word. Join us in allowing it to fully transform our communities!
— Gary Kinnaman